Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What is  Free Enterprise Society Services?   Free Enterprise Society Services is an educational society whose activities are protected under the First Amendment.  Its purpose is to restore the government to its constitutionally restricted activities and rid society of the income tax.  Additionally, Free Enterprise Society Services is dedicated to ending the socialistic activities our government, both state and federal, have illegally engaged in since the mid 1930's.  The Society Consists of its membership and has a staff which coordinates its activities.

2.  What is the Purpose of Free Enterprise Society Services?  Free Enterprise Society Services is a service provided to its members. The purpose of this service is to provide its membership with techniques and procedures when dealing with government agencies.  It has the ability to provide other services in various fields of research and law.  It offers support for its members in the area of administrative law, civil law, and criminal tax law.  Members are charged on a fee for service basis.  This simply means that after becoming a member and consulting FESS, if you choose to employ the ideas and direction suggested by FESS you will be charged only for those services you choose to use.  The  handbook your receive upon joining Free Enterprise Society Services will cover many of the areas of expertise FREE ENTERPRISE SOCIETY SERVICES has to offer its members.

3.  How can I become untaxed?  The term "untaxed" is a very generic term which means different things to different people.  Most people understand the term to equate to not filing income tax returns and stop paying income taxes.  Quite simply, to "untax" yourself stop filing tax returns and paying income taxes.  If you wish to stop filing, you simply do so, however, not paying income taxes is something quite different.  Because most employers simply believe, without knowing, that they are required to withhold your money from your paycheck for income tax purposes.  It is difficult to overcome their ignorance and fear and convince them to stop withholding your money for income tax purposes.  So, becoming "untaxed" may not be as easy as you have been led to believe.   However, this does not mean we simply quit fighting against an ever increasing tyrannical government.  Free Enterprise Society Services and its programs are designed to educate and assist you regarding the various aspects of the income tax law and the application of that law.  Until you have an understanding of the law and its application you will not be successful in your battle against the income tax and the IRS.  If you want to be "untaxed" study the law and then apply and defend the law and your position.

4.  How long has  Free Enterprise Society Services existed?   Free Enterprise Society was founded in 1985.  Free Enterprise Society Services was established in the same year as a part of Free Enterprise Society, but did not become fully operative until 1986, when Shawn O’Connor became director of the Services.  In 2009 Free Enterprise Society Services and Free Enterprise Society separated due to irreconcilable conflicts.  Free Enterprise Society Services is now an independent organization apart from Free Enterprise Society which has allowed Free Enterprise Society Services to continue to offer its finest Services which have been developed over the last 31 years.  Shawn O’Connor is the founder and Director.

5.  Do you have attorneys on staff?  No.  Free Enterprise Society Services is not staffed by attorneys.  On the other hand, we have contact with attorneys and paralegals in various areas of the country with whom we share research and ideas.  Additionally, some of our staff members consists of researchers and paralegals.

6.  What is the current size of the membership?  The size of our membership is confidential information which is not disclosed to anyone.

7.  What is the cost of services?  The Membership Fee is $150.00 for the first year and $50.00 renewal per year thereafter, or $600.00 for a life time membership.   Free Enterprise Society Services works on a cost and cost option basis.  This simply means that after reviewing your situation we will give you an initial analysis of your situation, and if necessary, create and send you an analysis suggesting a course of action on which you may wish to proceed.  In some cases you may be offered a variety of options from which you can choose.  Or, after reviewing the analysis you can elect to disregard the options altogether.  The choice is yours.  After you become a member there are additional charges for a further in-depth analysis.  This fee depends upon the complexity of your situation and you will be informed of the fee in advance so you may elect not to proceed with a further analysis if you feel the cost is prohibitive.  If you elect to proceed on the analysis there are additional costs and cost options of which you will be advised when you receive the analysis.  If at any time you feel you cannot afford the assistance or information we offer, pick up the phone and call us.  In some cases we will work with our members on a payment program (cost options) so they receive the assistance they need.

8.  I received a letter from the IRS or state taxing agency.  What do I do?  If you are a member you should contact us by phone and tell us about the letter.  Whom ever you speak with will direct you to send the letter to us and will answer the questions you may have regarding the correspondence you received.  Shortly after receipt of the letter you will be sent an analysis, or called, to discuss a course of action which could be pursued in your case.

9.  Do you take care of my problems for me?  No.  Free Enterprise Society Services helps you to help yourself.  We supply educational material and assist you in responding to the various problems you may encounter.  We consider ourselves your guide and partner in your dispute.  To this end, we don't work for you, we work with you.

10.  What do you offer in the field of Criminal Tax Assistance?  Free Enterprise Society Services aids you in defending against criminal tax charges on both the state and federal level.  The main areas which Free Enterprise Society Services offers aid in is –  Failure to File an Income Tax Return (26 U.S.C. Section 7203) or the state equivalent.  Depending upon the circumstances of the case we also assist in defending against tax evasion charges under 26 U.S.C. Section 7201.  Again, we also assist in defending against criminal income tax charges brought by any state which deal with failing to file an income tax return and tax evasion under certain circumstances.  In most cases we DO NOT defend against charges of filing a false income tax return, but there are exceptions.  We also assist in defending against other tax charges, and tax-related charges such as conspiracy to defraud the United States which may be alleged in the indictment or complaint.   Like the other services offered by FESS this service is offered on a fee for service basis and the fee depends upon the complexity of the case.

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News Flash

Uncertainties of the Income Tax
(Courts At War with Themselves)

by Larry Becraft, Attorney

For several years now, a variety of high public officials have openly declared that the federal income tax laws are incredibly complex and need to be either substantially revised or scrapped.   But after making such statements, these officials invariably fail to identify what  specific parts of  the tax laws suffer from this condition, choosing instead to conceal them. Are the objectionable parts of the federal tax code secretly and quietly discussed behind closed Congressional committee doors? If they are, why doesn't someone inform the American public of these deficiencies so that they may likewise participate in this debate? Is it possible that it is the major and not various minor features of the tax laws which are complex, even uncertain? Is it possible that these major features are so fundamentally flawed that they simply cannot be repaired? If so, what is the legal consequence of this complexity?

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