Say No To The National Sales Tax

 By: Shawn O'Connor

This issue needs to be revisited again not only because too many patriots are jumping on this government sanctioned bandwagon, but because now, in the middle of a depression, (and it is a depression regardless of what the government and over-educated economist want you to believe), the government is proposing the imposition of a national sales tax.  The tax, of course, will help offset the costs of our new and improved socialized government controlled health plan, among other things.

As well, a great concern has arisen as it appears many in the patriot movement have adopted a conciliatory posture and chosen to accept anything tossed at them by the government just to temporarily do away with the income tax. And worse, they appear not to be concerned that two wrongs do not make a right.

What happened to the fight to eliminate the income tax by exposing the fraud and deception of this tax? What happened to the proposition of restoration of constitutional government and taxation? How did the fight degenerate to replacing the income tax, a complete fraud, with an unconstitutional National Sales Tax? Has anyone considered the fact that the Freedom Movement, at least when I discovered it, was against confiscatory taxation, was for limited constitutional government, and decried government lawlessness? There is no argument which can justify replacement of the income tax with any type of alternative tax.

If it were conceded that a National Sales Tax had constitutional sanction, which it is not, that is not the solution to eliminating the income tax and the restoration of constitutional government. Currently the government, and I mean each and every branch, refuses to recognize the fact, and it is a fact, that the 16th Amendment was not ratified. All the government has to do to eliminate the income tax, is admit the 16th Amendment was not ratified. This isn’t hard   in fact it is a no brainer. The problem of course, is that the government intends to keep the income tax if we let them.

Just because the federal government replaces the income tax with a sales tax, what makes anyone think the States would do the same thing? Consider this: most of the States already have an income tax and a sales tax so there would be no reason for the states to dump their income tax laws. And, take notice of one small fact, folks   if the people will tolerate both a sales tax and income tax on the state level as they already do, why wouldn’t they tolerate the same at the federal level? Let’s face it, that is exactly what we are being set up for, and more amazingly, they are getting our help. Talk about cutting our own throats!

Further, if the temporary replacement (and I mean temporary) of the income tax is the end of the race we are running, perhaps one could justify an argument for the National Sales Tax. However, it is not. Our race ends only after we have eliminated the income tax by exposing it’s fraud and deception and restoring constitutional government. Why have we forgotten this?

But, if the patriots sell replacement of the income tax to Joe Six Pack as the race we are running, to gain Joe’s participation in the movement, and it happens, Joe will stop at that point, because Joe will believe that the race is over.

More importantly, if a National Sales Tax is adopted, it leaves the promoters of the National Sales Tax right back where they were in the beginning, i.e., fighting confiscatory taxation and a federal government run amok.

Anyway, the National Sales Tax will not be paid by everyone, as, if it is oppressive, a black market like nothing the government has ever seen will explode on to the scene. The theory that everyone will pay their fair share, is not well taken. And, if a black market becomes huge, the government will need the IRS to enforce collection of its sales tax. As for returns, you better believe there will be tax returns filed by someone as that is the only way to account for the total taxes collected by a business. Is it really to be expected that our good and great government will just accept a business’ representations as to how much tax it collected on sales transactions?

Those promoting a National Sales Tax boldly proclaim that the tax is constitutional, and could be constitutionally administered, but they wholly fail to explain how. Now maybe it’s just me, but unless the National Sales Tax is going to operate as an excise tax on products, and not sales transactions, I can’t find any constitutional authority for it. If this type of tax did not have constitutional problems, don’t you think the government would have implemented it long ago? After all, which of its taxing powers hasn’t it already abused?

The National Sales Tax is a classic example of how the people keep giving, and the government keeps taking.  Batten down the hatches folks, the fun has just begun.

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